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Currently, the treasure of map in Minecraft has quite a lot, with different genres, diverse size, and scale as well as different qualities. However, the current number of Minecraft map that is created entirely by 100% Vietnamese Minecrafter is very little. Actually, it is not called less as we think but the number of the map has rarely careful investment, quality, and depth of the game. Prison Law 2 Map – a map of Vietnamese author named Jaki Natsumi, is one of them.

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Briefly from the author, Jaki Natsumi is a famous YouTuber in Vietnam (mostly in Minecraft gameplay), planning an idea and call for a team including in builders, coders, texture pack artists and all the voice actors. The interesting point of this team is that all of them are from Vietnam. They have the same interest in Minecraft and working together with that idea for creating a product to their life.

Author: Jaki Natsumi. https://www.youtube.com/user/catviprovipBuilder: Nấm Gumball: https://goo.gl/EvV9fWCoder: Gundamcrafter: http://goo.gl/Gt9sSXViệt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNSEOntMCkTVM92AihbhBVQ.Resource pack: LQV: https://goo.gl/F2BZ6mVoice actors: Jaki Natsumi. BHGaming, Cris Devil Gamer, Tuấn Khó Đỡ, Tienthanh2929, Catyx.

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To avoid the confusion, we will review this map now. Briefly, about the plot, we will play as an escaped prison – although this is not a new topic, it will hot all the time. The main venue of the map will surely be in a prison, and my first impression about this map is: “The builders build Prison law 2 map are so serious…” (The map took 2 months to be built). With a system that works incredibly on a massive scale and consists of cell areas, labor area, and cafeteria, … Those areas ensure that you can walk around all day and you cannot know where they are located in here.

An extremely impressive highlight of this map is the command blocks system. The coder of this project would have to work full capacity to create cutscenes, dialogue lines, the voice sounds as well as set the tasks and gameplay so that they can be real and possible. In addition, the texture pack is also redrawn to suitable with some blocks, creating an atmosphere that is similar to a prison.

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I assess that the interaction part is an extremely strong point of the map, a completed breakthrough. You can freeze in a cutscene episode when suddenly hearing the voices of BHGaming or Cris Devil Gamer, for example. So do I, and I also admire Jaki Natsumi when this guy has recruited some famous YouTubers about voicing task. I love this point so much in the map, it helps players feel more friendly and make senses for the players as being interactive with their idols … (I’m a fan of BHGaming and I think he had funny voices…)

Combining with the serious and stressful air of a prison, sometimes you will laugh out loud because of the joke of NPC, but sometimes you’ll want to punch the computer screen because you “fail” a mission that is almost completed. To sum up, the team tries to bring the best and most wonderful experience about the map for players, and this is an evidence of creativity, solidarity, determination and hard work of Minecraft Vietnam community. What are you waiting for? Please scroll down to download and enjoy this super jam!

How to install Prison Law 2 Map (A MUST-READ):

1. Run the software named “Prison Law 2 – Installer.exe”2. It will automatically install Map+ Resource Pack into your computer.3. After finishing the installation, it will appear skin table (1 side is male, another is female). You need to click the arrow to choose and then “Enter”. Done. (This part is only for people who use crack, if using nick premium, you can keep skin).4. All done, let’s play the map.Note: This map compatible with Minecraft 1.9.4 (If you use a lower version, you will hurt the map).